Thursday, August 7, 2014

De jevu: C65 startup banner and dead BASIC, again.

The title says it all: The 48MHz CPU is almost working, but there is clearly something fruity going on.  Sadly it isn't the same issue as when I got to this point last time, but I have some extra clues, like BASIC in C64 mode also behaves similarly. There are also some other nuisances, like IRQs don't seem to be getting masked properly.  But it is getting pleasingly close.

I am also interested to know whether people think the display is better with little side borders, or whether people would prefer no side borders in 80 column mode.  I personally think that having little ones adds to the authentic feel, but without sacrificing acres of screen.  Also, the real C65 has quite narrow side borders compared with the C64.  But I would like to hear what you think

Oh, and if you got this far, you might be able to spot the display glitch that I have to fix.  If you can, and can accurately explain the cause (I already know it), I'll greet you on the next screen shot I post on the blog.