Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Confirmed that I have fixed the sneaky CPU bug

This morning after synthesis of the fix for the sneaky CPU bug fix, I had the chance to test it out.

Rayne's interlace test program now works, and his MUIFLI program is also closer to working, although it isn't showing the right data. But that could be due to FLI not working on the VIC-IV -- yet to be confirmed.

However, what it did also fix is BoulderMark.  So I can now present the latest result for the C65GS with this benchmark:

Notice that now the sprite appears (and that the sprite sitting in the border is also visible because sprites currently sit in front of the border).  Otherwise the display is just about perfect.  This image was captured via the VNC server video streaming interface (search previous posts to find out more about this).

Anyway, this all equates to 94x NTSC C64 or almost exactly 100x PAL C64.  Of course as I have mentioned before, BoulderMark is non-linear with fast accelerators, and so the real performance is much more likely to be the roughly 44x that SynthMark64 reports.

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