Sunday, June 4, 2017

My MEGA65 Prototype PCB has emerged from the postal system

After a tense month of waiting, one of the only three MEGA65 prototype PCBs finally arrived here today.  This is both a great relief, and also very exciting.  Unpacking photos follow:

Now my main challenge is to find enough time to test the various ports that we still need to confirm the function of.  Lesser challenge is wiring up a 12V power supply for it, but that is really not a problem.


  1. Wow! A major milestone here! This is quite exciting. Top notch SD card reader too there! ;-) Are we looking at a standard VGA? Is the DIN used for A/V out or IEC?

  2. Replies
    1. Because the PCB is 8 layer, the extra realestate required for stereo SID sockets would have blown the PCB cost too high. Our solution is that you will be able to connect real SIDs using a special cartridge, so that those who wish to have them, can.