Tuesday, 9 September 2014

More work on remote display

We had a thunderstorm pass right overhead during the night, with one lightning strike close enough that I was woken by the shockwave.  So awake in the middle of the night, I have done a little work on the real-time streaming of video frames from the C65GS.

The previous post showed the initial progress, lacking horitzontal and vertical sync, and having all sorts of artifacts.  Things are now better as the following image shows:

With the work overnight, some artifacts clearly remain, but horizontal sync is now solved.

Vertical-sync is also still a work in progress, and it took a few goes to capture a frame that was more or less centred in the capture, although imperfectly, as the top and bottom borders should be equal size.

The colours aren't right, as the video capture process doesn't include the palette (yet), and I am using the C64 palette, so the colours are less saturated than on the real thing.  Red on a real C65 is just about bright enough to burn your socks off, for example.

Soon I will use the horizontal sync marks to also include a 72KHz audio stream.

I also still have a bit of work to do on the packet encapsulation.  Right now I have to use libpcap to sniff the packets, because my IPv6 encapsulation of them has something messed up.  Once I fix that,  it should be possible to just create a raw IP socket bound to the right IPv6 multicast address, and read the packets as they arrive.

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