Friday, 12 September 2014

Remote keyboard access now works

It is now possible to connect to the C65GS via VNC, and type in the VNC window and havee it communicate to the C65GS automatically.

Let me explain that another way: with a VNC client you can now log into a C65 on the internet and play with it.  It also happens to be the fastest C65 or C64 in existence.

See updated details in the previous post of how to connect, and play around with various things:

Already a few people have been trying it out, as the following screen shots show:

As I write this, someone is busily drawing some art, which began like:


And then:

And finally:

Part of the fun is that more than one person can connect at the same time, and all can type if they wish.  Otherwise, you can just sit and watch other people use it.

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