Friday, November 21, 2014

Working on the anti-aliaser

I finally got around to plumbing the alpha-blender together to begin testing it for use with anti-aliasing text.

Not surprisingly, there are some things that aren't quite right. Primarily, Xilinx's reference implementation of an alpha blender doesn't quite seem up to the 192MHz pixel clock.  In particular, the blue channel is failing to meet timing closure, and seems to be delayed by a few pixels, as can be seen in the screen shots here:  

The displacement is a fixed number of physical pixels, as can be seen if I change the horizontal scaling of the text generator:

The timing failure isn't too surprising, given that the alpha blender uses a double-clock rate to multiplex the DSP operations to save a bit of silicon.  However, it means that the blender is effectively running at 192MHz x 2 = 384MHz. 

I think I will have to modify the blender so that it doesn't need to multiplex DSP blocks, and can hopefully then meet timing, and avoid the colour planes separating like this.