Friday 12 December 2014

LCD Screen Test

I had a little time this evening so I unpacked the LCD panel and driver and hooked it all up to see if it works.  The beginning looked something like:

 The VGA lead is connected to the C65GS FPGA board. And again from above:

So then I tried to turn it on, which, pleasingly resulted in the back-light illuminating, but sadly not in any picture.

So flip the panel over and check that everything is properly connected with the data cable:

The panel end of the cable wasn't quite in properly, but once it was then things were happy:

The next steps for laptopification are now likely to be in the direction of designing a 3D CNC millable case, that can hold the screen, FPGA board, keyboard and other components.  This is where I step outside my current expertise.  If anyone is interested in helping to design the case, I would welcome their assistance.

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