Sunday, 20 August 2017

Hardware animating the on-screen keyboad

I have done a bit more work on the on-screen keyboard, adding hardware animation for it to appear from the bottom off the screen, and also to horizontally centre itself, and choose the correct width, based on the current video mode, so that it fills (or almost fills) the full width of the screen.  

Together, these features are important for adding touch-screen support, where touching the screen should cause the on-screen keyboard to automatically appear in a sensible place, and without the key boxes being too small to use, and all ideally without having to trap to the hypervisor (you might want to be typing something into the hypervisor).

I now have it running fairly well in simulation, and am currently building a bitstream with these changes incorporated.  But since I have the framework already for producing image files of the running simulation, I figured it would be fun to make an animated GIF of the keyboard appearing. 

Note that the speed it will appear on screen in reality will be faster than this, as animated GIFs only support a fairly low maximum animation speed.

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