Saturday, 9 September 2017

That recent C65 sale on ebay

Just a quick post while I am in Vanuatu for work.

Many of you have probably already seen the recent ebay sale of a Commodore 65.

What is interesting here is that this unit is incomplete, lacking the video chip, without which it doesn't work, and yet it still sold for US$18K !

Meanwhile, we continue to chug away in the background on the MEGA65, which we can assure you will be cheaper to buy than that :)

Once this current spate of trips to Vanuatu and beyond for work settle down, I hope to make some more progress on keyboard and case moulding solutions.


  1. AHAHAHAHAHA! You know what is funny? I TALKED TO THE OWNER OF THAT COMPUTER IN IRC CONVINCING HIM TO SELL IT and told him that Mega65 will compete against the c65 and kill the price of c65.....he refused and said he will keep it...but I guess he did sell it after AHAHAHAH!!!

    You know as well as I do that mega65 will destroy the c65 monopoly of outrageous price and soon the real c65 will worth maybe couple of thousands and not in tens of thousands.!!!

  2. This must be a new world record:

    It's incredible for how much money these things sell.

  3. @ Froy sorry but you have no idea how these thing work. I could even imagine that after release of the MEGA65, the price for the C65 will even rise further. There are numerous examples for this in the past. Also keep in mind that no one who buys a C65 is buying it because he wants to use it. He buys it because he wants to HAVE it. The C65 is a legend, and the release of a MEGA65 will only reinforce its status.