Wednesday 25 November 2020

The DevKits have started shipping!

100 MEGA65 DevKits sitting in the warehouse

100 MEGA65 DevKits sitting in the warehouse

77 went into the post

23 MEGA65 DevKits sitting in the warehouse

23 MEGA65 DevKits sitting in the warehouse


And by this time tomorrow, my understanding is that all 100 will be underway!

This is of course very big news for us, and more importantly, for the 100 people who ordered the DevKits, and supported the preparation for release of the final machines through their purchase.

So now we just need 2020 to hold off from come further crazy calamity, like, say, an alien invasion that disables all transport logistics, and then hopefully everyone will have their DevKits before Christmas.  We are so looking forward to what people will begin to do with their DevKits!

Now, for those wondering exactly what is in a DevKit, and how to assemble one, we have our great assembly video:

If you can't see the video above, you can get there via


Meanwhile, things have been quiet from my side as I try to get my work finished up for the year, move back from the middle of the Outback to our usual home, get the kids enrolled in their new schools for next year, and a hundred other things.  Hopefully I will start doing some more visible things in coming weeks.


  1. This is the best thing i have seen in 20 years. If i thought there could be one under my Christmas tree on Christmas day, i wouldn't be able to sleep Christmas eve. I plan to power up my c64 and even my Ohio scientific desktop, if i can scare up a monitor, just to see a 64 character screen..

    1. he he :) We are so glad to be able to recreate those nostalgic feelings for so many.