Tuesday, January 2, 2018

MEGA65 Boots GEOS ... From a serially attached 1571

Following on from our recent success in getting the MEGA65 to work with real disk drives (my half-dead 1581 not withstanding), Falk, one of our developers, decided to give it a bit of a stress test: Could the MEGA65 handle the timing sensitive fast-loader that GEOS uses?

Well, the answer is in the video below:

There really isn't much more to say, except that I know I have a couple of sprite rendering bugs to sort out (on today's list, all going well).


  1. Is there some document how to connect/wire a serial IEC bus to a Nexys4DDR board with a "DIY style"? It'd be fun to try things like these out, I have some 1541 (no 1581 though) here (just collecting dust) around :)

    1. There are no instructions for this. It would require some 3.3V to 5V level converters and other components, and then assigning pins to one of the PMOD connectors. Not a huge amount of work, but not on my priority list at the moment, as I try to get the PCB working.