Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A screenshot for those who are getting bored looking at FPGA boards and want to see something fun

Well, following the sale of a C65 recently for what amounts to about AUD$29,800, a few more people are coming here.

Seeings as the last several posts are all rather esoteric, and don't have anything much fun for those just wanting to see a crazy 8-bit computer at work, here is a rerun of the C65GS running BoulderMark, the Boulder Dash inspired benchmark for C64-compatible computers.  For the record, a regular C64 scores 313 points on BoulderMark.  As you can see below, the C65GS is ever so slightly faster.  With any luck, the C65GS prototype board will be making a visit to Revision this Easter for those wanting to see it first hand, and perhaps have a play.

Oh, and just for more fun, here is what happens when you try to play Stunt Car Racer on a computer that can do as much work in a second as a real C64 can in a whole minute:

You would need some pretty good reflexes to play that.

Finally, here is another C64 benchmark program (yes, there are two major C64 benchmark programs!)

With the above, the C64 benchmark table really should be updated.  Maybe someone can poke them to add the C65GS.

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