Sunday, 30 June 2019

IEC port testing / GEOS for the MEGA65 R2 PCB

Just a quick note to say that we got the IEC (1541 drive / printer) port on the MEGA65 R2 PCB working today as well.  This works well enough that we can even boot GEOS from a 1541 drive.

Of course, the native port of GEOS for the MEGA65 is much nicer, with higher resolution and MUCH faster booting: The GEOS load process takes probably less than 1 second.

We have yet to get C128/C65 fast serial working, but all the hardware is there for it.  We will come back to this when we have time. The priority for the next two days remains to test the remaining functions on the R2 board, so that Antti and the crew have confidence of any potential changes required for what will hopefully be the production-ready revision of the board.


  1. This is wonderful. For me this is a decision for buying, I was always wondering how GEOS could work on higher res. I can't wait trying the usual office programs.

  2. Which version of GEOS do you use (i.e. GEOS 64/GEOS 128/GEOS 2.5)?

    1. Falk is making a custom version. I am not sure exactly which version it is based on.

  3. This sounds great. I believe, GEOS was miracle at that time, limited only by the 64K + slow floppy. A little more RAM, a little more speed and capacity cost so much more (also needed an expensive new PSU for C64), that 90% of the ppl never experienced how a "real" GEOS could run. It would be great on a faster CPU, SD card, higher resolution. I am really excited to see and own this!

  4. Amazing. I was using Geopublish to create Magazines, so now with a higher resolution, I could get back to it as soon as a PDF printer driver is available :)