Saturday 2 March 2019

Multiple Freeze Slots

Recently we were excited to be able to begin to show-off the freeze menu of the MEGA65, but at that time we had only one freeze slot working.

So I have spent some time this week while with the MEGA65 team here in Germany to figure out what was going wrong, and how to fix it.

The problem basically was that we were not calculating the address on the SD card of the freeze slots correctly, and then were passing the 16-bit slot number with high and low bytes swapped around.  All quite annoying, but nice little bugs that could be solved without wasting lots of time resynthesising multiple times.

The result is now as it should be: We can freeze a program, choose whichever slot to save it in, and then load it back up as often as you want later on.  So quite quickly we had frozen a few games and even a MEGA65 demo, which we can then easily flick through.

So here are a couple of short videos of using the freeze menu to access various things saved in different freeze slots.

You can play spot the differences between the thumbnail images.  Because we are in Germany, the top version of the video is in German, and the lower one is in English for those of you who are unable to understand Australo-deutsch ;)

Also, here are some screenshots of the freeze menu looking at some of the different slots with things saved in them.  I continue to be very happy that I implemented the hardware thumbnail generator, so that it is relatively easily to see what is saved in a slot. We will add the ability to name the slots, search for them, jump to specific slot numbers by typing the numbers etc, once we get a bit of spare time.

And here is how a slot with nothing saved in it can look:

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