Sunday 31 March 2019

Name Plates for the MEGA65 pre-production units have arrived!

So, the next fun part of the pre-production run for the MEGA65 computers has arrived - the name plates!  We thought a lot about how we would like these to look, and are generally quite happy with the result. We hope that you will all like them, too:

These are not stickers, but are 0.5mm thick aluminium plates, with nice rounded corners, and 3M adhesive to hold them in place.  Thee writing on the top is actually raised up as well, as we really wanted something that is simply a delight to behold.  We were very pleased that they fit perfectly in the slots on the SLA 3D printed cases we produced a while back, and look very much forward to fit-testing them on the new pre-production cases when those arrive :)


  1. looking good! cant wait to order a mega65!
    please email me when ordering starts.

  2. "they fit perfectly in the slots on the SLA 3D printed cases" - as it was expected from German engineering :)

  3. Beautiful! I'm glad you aren't just using some plastic film nonsense.